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I have little 1994 D21 "Hardbody". It is one of the rare Heavy Duty (3/4-ton suspension) truck that has been in my family from Day 1.

My dad used it for 15 years in the oil field where it took quite a beating, then retired it to ranching work where it was attacked by a tornado and a tree was flung through the windshield.

I took over this truck in January of this year (2011), with it in very rough shape.

Rough looking truck

It appeared the truck was in basically good shape except for a few things here and there.

So, I sold the 2006 Scion xB that I was driving for $7500, and used the proceeds from that sale to start fixing this old truck.

I kept a [[ LIST ]] of repairs so I would not over spend the allowance the Scion afforded me (but I went over a tad).

I changed the plugs & wires, replaced all of the lights, tires, starter, alternator, brake & clutch cylinders, tie rods, center link, plugs and wires, fuel door, instrument cluster, door handles, center driveshaft bearing, fuel tank sending unit, left & right front fenders, the hood, control arm bushings, and new shocks.

It did not come with a radio, but I added an AM/FM CD player from a 2003 Nissan Frontier, got an owners manual for it, and installed a sliding rear window (it does not have A/C, so a sliding back glass helps a lot in the summer).

After all of the important stuff was done, I sent it out for paint:

Out for paint

Today, she sits in pretty good shape with only a few things still needed.

Otherwise, she's in pretty good shape! (Is that good shape?)

Parked at home

That is how she stays parked most of the time.

I use the truck to take my son to Chick-fil-A, McDonnald's or to the park to play or to go visit my folks about 45 miles away every other weekend.

Most of the time, I can be seen riding on my customized Harley-Davidson Sportster (even on brisk 30°F mornings like today)

XR1200 in the truck

The little D21 is my emergency ride to work during rain, sleet and snow or when I need to transport a packages to the post office for shipping (I try to sell as much as I buy on eBay).

D21 in Laneville

I'd like to get a set of headers for it. The closest I've found are Pace Setter headers. They make a set for 4x4 V6 5-speed Hardbody trucks, but when I asked they told me those headers would NOT fit a 2x4.

Maybe when I get some money to spare, I'll finish the TO DO list on the truck, then try out some headers to see what they need.